Dubai – Eid-Ul-Adhah Visit

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Dancing Fountains

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Cave of Hira / Thour

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Video showing Cave of Hira and Thour – Documentry

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Fiqh-ul-Hadith Foundation is a organization of Islamic research and publication which is founded in Lahore on August 2003. Pure and proven religious study/research with publicizing it in all over the world is the primary concern of this organization. The organization is working hard for its objective from day one of its existence.

Its published books and other literature are remedy for the people in purifying their faith and practices, which also helps in the building of a strong Islamic society. Several people have been successful in living the lives according to the principles of our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) which is only made possible through the word spread through these books. Also, some people are fulfilling their desire for pure knowledge by our books. Hence, you should study and teach this literature to the world which is an aid for the entire humanity and light for the soul. By spreading the word of Allah and principles of Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H) door by door, you can help in the achievement of our goal.

Free Online Books Website – Fiqhulhadith

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Muhammad Asad

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Muhammad Asad (formerly Leopold Weiss) (1900–1992), an Austrian Jew who converted to Islam, was a 20th century
journalist, traveler, writer, social critic, linguist, thinker, reformer, diplomat, political theorist, translator and scholar. Asad was one of the 20th century’s most influential European Muslims.

In 1947, Asad was given Pakistani citizenship by the newly established Muslim state of Pakistan and appointed the Director of the Department of Islamic Reconstruction by the Government of Pakistan, where he made recommendations on the drafting of Pakistan’s first Constitution. In 1949, Asad joined Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs as head of the Middle East Division and, in 1952, was appointed Pakistan’s Minister Plenipotentiary to the United Nations in New York.

Muhammad Asad is famously known for his two publications – “The Road to Mecca”, a biographical account of his life up to the age of 32, his conversion to Islam from Judaism and his journey to Mecca and his magnum opus, “The Message of the Qur’an”, a translation and commentary of the sacred book of Islam, the Qur’an.

The Nobal Qur’anTranslation By Muhammad Asad