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Pakistan Embassy Riyadh – Useful Information Page

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The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam – By – Dr. Muhammad Iqbal

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Reconstruction Of Islamic Thought The Qur’an is a book which emphasizes ‘deed’ rather than ‘idea’. There are, however, men to whom it is not possible organically to assimilate an alien universe by re-living, as a vital process, that special type of inner experience on which religious faith ultimately rests. Moreover, the modern man, by developing habits of concrete thought – habits which Islam itself fostered at least in the earlier stages of its cultural career – has rendered himself less capable of that experience which he further suspects because of its liability to illusion. The more genuine schools of Sufism have, no doubt, done good work in shaping and directing the evolution of religious experience in Islam; but their latter-day representatives, owing to their ignorance of the modern mind, have become absolutely incapable of receiving any fresh inspiration from modern thought and experience. They are perpetuating methods which were created for generations possessing a cultural outlook differing, in important respects, from our own. ‘Your creation and resurrection,’ says the Qur’an, ‘are like the creation and resurrection of a single soul.’ A living experience of the kind of biological unity, embodied in this verse, requires today a method physiologically less violent and psychologically more suitable to a concrete type of mind. In the absence of such a method the demand for a scientific form of religious knowledge is only natural. In these Lectures, which were undertaken at the request of the Madras Muslim Association and delivered at Madras, Hyderabad, and Aligarh, I have tried to meet, even though partially, this urgent demand by attempting to reconstruct Muslim religious philosophy with due regard to the philosophical traditions of Islam and the more recent developments in the various domains of human knowledge. And the present moment is quite favourable for such an undertaking.   Classical Physics has learned to criticize its own foundations. As a result of this criticism the kind of materialism, which it originally necessitated, is rapidly disappearing; and the day is not far off when Religion and Science may discover hitherto unsuspected mutual harmonies. It must, however, be remembered that there is no such thing as finality in philosophical thinking. As knowledge advances and fresh avenues of thought are opened, other views, and probably sounder views than those set forth in these Lectures, are possible. Our duty is carefully to watch the progress of human thought, and to maintain an independent critical attitude towards it.

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Online English Learning for Children

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The Pumkin Foundation

At the heart of Pumkin’s philosophy lies the betterment of children’s education. If you are involved in a charitable organization and think our Online English course can help your children then we would be happy to offer free accounts.

We welcome orphanages, non-profit organizations, childrens’ charities, community leaders and teachers around the world to join us.

The Pumkin Website :

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Riyadh Zoo

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The Riyadh Zoo is one of the most popular leisure facilities in Riyadh. The Zoo,first formed in 1957, was originally a small scale affair, consisting animals presented as gift to the first three kings of the kingdom.

For information please visit Riyadh Zoo Website

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Architecture – Design

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Freshome was launched in March 2007 by Micle Mihai-Cristian, a simple guy from Timisoara / Romania who wanted some interior design inspiration for his home. With time the website got bigger and bigger ( right now more than 1,5 million visitors / month ).Our aim is to inspire you to find the ideas for the house you’ve always wanted. In order to accomplish this goal we seek to present exceptional interior designs, latest trends in architecture and noteworthy tips that will help create the home of your dreams.

The Freshome website.

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